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Disruptive Innovation Expert.

E-commerce and E-grocery Visioner and Strategist. Leading Expert in Global Retail and Robotics. Specialist in Automation and Sustainability in Delivery.

Łukasz will guide you through the key solutions that will enable the global transformation of last-mile delivery and solve the biggest challenges that e‑commerce and e‑grocery markets are facing nowadays.


Founder and CEO of Retail Robotics, a leading company with more than 500 specialists, that creates robotic, innovative technological solutions for retailers and providers of logistic services, incl. Inpost – the biggest traditional parcel locker network in Europe, or Mondial Relais, a France-based international package delivery company.

Łukasz Nowiński co-created and co-managed Inpost, which received over 515 million packages in 2021. To date, his company Retail Robotics has produced more than 40 thousand parcel locker units for Inpost and other global logistics providers, while continuing to build its own innovative solutions.

Retail Robotics creates the delivery infrastructure of the future for e‑commerce and e‑grocery. It has over 30 years of experience in mechanical production and over 10 years of R&D resulted in flagship technologies Arcan and PickupHero development and implementation. It develops new technologies that allow it to unleash the full potential of retail, reduce the costs and remove the bottleneck of last mile delivery. It provides consumers and retailers with innovative, convenient, and efficient delivery and collection options. These solutions reduce traffic and ultimately contribute to the creation of green zones in urban space and the concept of 15-minute cities.


"My mission is to create the delivery infrastructure of the future and to unleash the endless potential of retail.

In 5-10 years, traditional retail logistics will not be able to operate in cities due to space and labor constraints. Parcel lockers and click and collect hubs will drastically reduce the volume of home and office deliveries, reduce congestion and pollution in towns and cities and elevate the commercial performance of high street retail and e-commerce.

I strongly believe that disruptive technologies will improve the efficiency and convenience of delivery and click & collect processes for e‑commerce and e‑grocery.

But we all need to be on board to make a significant impact.”

Łukasz Nowiński

Łukasz Nowiński has been predicting trends in disruptive technology for a long time, and was able to assess the current business potential of the market and the need for robotic transformation.

He has researched the needs of consumers and retailers, analyzed disruptions and problems, and looked for new solutions to the last mile delivery bottleneck problem.

Classic solutions have low capacity and occupy large space.

Whereas, home delivery causes higher traffic in cities and generates air pollution. With rapid growth of online shopping, many retailers still lack the efficient delivery options in terms of costs, footprint, capacity, and consumer experience. Today’s consumers have high expectations for more convenient options allowing them to collect their orders 24/7, safe, fast, easy and for free.

Łukasz Nowiński, following the success of co-founded Inpost company, together with the team of over 500 Retail Robotics’ professionals, want to change the future of e‑grocery and e‑commerce.

For years they were a part of the last-mile delivery operations and close partners for retailers so they know very well what are the biggest challenges that the market is currently facing.

In the last years Retail Robotics invested a lot of effort in developing robotic solutions Arctan and PickupHero, which bring a business and environmental breakthrough in e‑grocery and e‑commerce markets by revolutionizing last mile delivery: lowering costs, decreasing time, reducing its footprint and unleashing an exponential growth for the retailers.


Retail Robotics’ Arctan is the most efficient click-and-collect solution for e‑grocery: increases e‑grocery profitability and customer experience, at the same time offers the lowest footprint.



Another flagship solution by Retail Robotics is PickupHero – a robotic parcel locker for e‑commerce that reduces last mile delivery costs by up to 90% and offers standardized customer experience without involvement of a salesperson.


Łukasz Nowiński and Hervé Street, president of logistics company Star Service Group, signed a joint venture last year, jointly investing in the installation of the first multi-brand universal e‑grocery click & collect network under the Delipop brand from the summer of 2021.

Delipop Drive Piéton Multimarchands is the first fully automated e-grocery pickup universal network based on robotic machines. It is fully mutualized – serving several retailer brands. It was created to meet the growing demand for online shopping and to give customers the best possible experience, and our planet some breath. Currently the first Delipop network in Paris, which uses Retail Robotics’ Arctan machines for e-grocery, plans to open 1000 click-and-collect points in France within the next 5 years. They’ll enable the fulfillment of 200 000 orders per day.

The technology provided by Retail Robotics for the French Delipop network was among the top five most important innovations at Paris Retail Week according to Ecommerce Mag. It also received the REF d’Or award for the best e‑commerce concept of 2021 during the 3rd edition of the Retail Execution Forum.


DFR CMO Marek Piotrowski,
DFR CEO Stephane Legatelois,
DFR Partner and Investor Łukasz Nowiński

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